Simple trick Reduce high blood pressure by yourself without using medicine.

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High blood pressure is A type of chronic disease caused by the pressure inside the arteries being higher than normal. Normally, the human body has a systolic pressure of no more than 140 mmHg. and the diastolic blood pressure value is not more than 90 mmHg. If it is higher than this, it will cause the blood vessels or blood circulation system to work abnormally. and can lead to various complications such as heart disease and stroke. or kidney failure And today we have some great tips. To reduce high blood pressure by yourself without using medicine, let’s share. What will there be? Let’s go see.

Simple trick Reduce high blood pressure by yourself without using medicine.

control diet

Certain foods can affect high blood pressure, such as fat, sugar, starch, or foods high in cholesterol. For anyone who likes to eat fried food. Fatty meats or desserts, you should refrain from eating such foods and instead eat vegetables that are high in fiber, protein, ยูฟ่าเบท and low-fat milk.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is an important secret to improving your high blood pressure. Just exercise for about 30 – 45 minutes a day, such as running, swimming, brisk walking, or aerobic dancing. It will be able to help keep the pressure within the normal range.

Stop eating salty foods.

Salinity is considered an important cause of high blood pressure. It is caused by sodium that stimulates blood pressure to rise. Therefore, you should stop cooking food with too much fish sauce, sauce or MSG. And you should avoid smoked foods such as sausages, ham or bacon, as well as various fermented and pickled foods.

Reduce drinking of all types of alcohol.

For anyone who drinks beer, or drinks alcoholic beverages, you should reduce the amount each day as much as possible. Because the alcohol in these drinks will stimulate blood pressure to rise significantly. Including people who like to smoke. Because smoking makes the circulatory system worse. Make fat higher This causes the heart to work harder. and there is not enough oxygen to nourish the various parts

High blood pressure It is most often found in people aged 35 years and over. Therefore, anyone who finds themselves starting to have symptoms of high blood pressure should turn to practice new behavior, starting with choosing nutritious foods. Reduce the amount of salty food you eat to prevent your body from getting too much sodium. and if found to have symptoms of high blood pressure or are at risk of having such a disease, they can see a doctor for a thorough examination early on. So it’s the best.