Voice actor Sky gets slammed for mocking Son’s foul on Gakpo

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English football commentator Martin Tyler has been criticized by fans for comparing Son Heung-min’s foul on Kodi Gakpo during Liverpool’s Premier League win over Tottenham Hots. Per last night

A fan has criticized English football commentator Martin Tyler for the comments he had during Liverpool’s 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur  at Anfield last night (Sunday 30). April 2023), which some supporters claim is racist. The comments became problematic when Spurs’ South Korean striker Son Heung-min fouled Reds forward Kodi Kakpo.

Voice actor Sky gets slammed for mocking Son's foul on Gakpo

         Son, who netted Spurs’ second goal, held back Kakpo’s waist on the ball as the Reds advanced for a counter-attack, veteran Tyler commented on Sky Sports by comparison . Playing Son’s Pick Up Game with Martial Arts (Martial arts) and this event caused the fans of the UFABET team to criticize such opinions in the online world.

         Fan comments were like, “Martin Tyler cited Son’s foul as Martial Arts. Wow!!!.,” I just heard Martin Tyler. R spoke about Son’s interception as ‘Martial art’ like that? Don’t we see that as racism?”, “Martin Tyler saying ‘Martial Arts’ after Son pulled the gakpo doesn’t look good”, “The comment about Martin Tyler’s ‘Martial Arts’ about Son’s yellow card is disgusting, xenophobic and racism I’m not happy at all.”

A Sky Sports commentator was recently forced to apologize after he said Ukrainian goalkeeper Horhie Bushchen should go ‘in the military’ after he injured his ankle in a match against Sky Sports. Wales amid the controversy in that country

   On the other hand, Tottenham’s first goal scorer Harry Kane was inexplicable with the side’s slow start after they conceded three goals in the opening 15 minutes at Anfield. A week after trailing 5-0 at St James’ Park, within 20 minutes, in an interview with Sky Sports, the dismayed Kane honestly assessed the team’s destiny and admitted they deserved to be in the “It was a very bad start. The first 20 minutes [it] obviously wasn’t the first time this has happened in the season,” he said. It’s hard to describe in words. It’s hard to even talk about.”

          “Tables don’t lie. And where we are doesn’t lie,” he added. “We had great players and amazing moments. And overall as a team we haven’t played well enough. don’t get in our way And we have to find a way to start games away from home where you don’t defend consistently immediately ′′ We deserve to be where we are. And that’s what the league table [says] we have four games. This is a tough game to handle. But we have a week before the next game. And have to look back and try to move on.

          When asked if he was determined to get the club back on track. A path many believe they have not reached since the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino in November 2019. Kane says he gives ‘110 per cent’ every day. Giving 110 per cent every day and wherever I am and there are so many positives from today,” he said. “We cannot hide it because we ended up losing. But we did some good things especially in the second half [but] football overall is winning. You have to find a way to beat. Keep moving forward to win But it’s like a punch that gets hit without knowing what happened.”