Ronaldo shares photos of intense training, hoping to return to the starting lineup against the Bees

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Cristiano ronaldo, veteran shooter Post a photo via Twitter showing the hard training. To bring back fitness Hoping to be a starter for Manchester United’s game against Brentford this Saturday.

Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese forward Come out to move via social media for the first time since the game where the agency. Manchester United opened the home defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion 2-1 in the Premier League debut of the 2022-2023 season by imply. He is training hard. To get the body back fit enough to play in the real

Ronaldo shares photos of intense training, hoping to return to the starting lineup against the Bees

The situation of the 37-year-old star player who clearly expressed. His intention to move the team to trade with a club that has quota to go to the UEFA Champions League begins to look relaxed. Although there are still many fans expressing dissatisfaction with the news. He refused to travel with the team during the pre-season warm-up this summer. Plus, they come to practice late, causing the body to not be ready.

But with United ‘s lack of a front goal because  Anthony Martial has been injured. Plus, the new center forward that Eric Ten Hag wants to have, still can’t find anyone to add. Making no choice to use CR 7 first, as can be seen from the game against the Seagulls , where the Portuguese national team captain was sent down in the second half making the offensive line more effective Many fans have to rely on Spearhead this next. for the UFABET team to perform better despite being dissatisfied with past behavior

Recently , Ronaldo posted a picture via his personal Twitter. It was a picture of him running with a determined expression on his face. along with writing a message saying Hard work always pays back. Similar to the media for Red Devils fans and the Dutch boss. Saw his efforts to get fit back into the starting XI. In the match against Brentford on Saturday, August 13. 

However, a source within Manchester United revealed that many players in the team are very worried and annoyed. Despite a good relationship within the training camp, the five-time Ballon d’Or star has not confirmed his future. Will stay at the Theater of Dreams? resulting in further uncertainty.