Jurgen Klopp hits back at Mason after angry interview with Jota

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hits back at Ryan Mason after Tottenham Hotspur’s interim manager blasted Diogo Jota for ‘bleeding’ Oliver Skipp. but only received a yellow card

   Jürgen Klopp hits back at Ryan Mason following Liverpool’s 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur last night (Sunday 30 April 2023). 0 in 15 minutes at Anfield before Spurs fought back and trailed to a 3-3 draw in stoppage time thanks to Richarlison’s first Premier League goal. League for his club, however, just 99 seconds later, a mistake by Lucas Moura, who sent the ball back after a bad turn, gave Diogo Jota a snatch into the penalty area on the left flank past Fraser. Forster plugs in the far-post window. It became the winning goal in the 94th minute for Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp hits back at Mason after angry interview with Jota

         But that goal put Spurs’ interim boss Mason Furious as he believed Jota should have been sent off earlier after kicking Oliver Skipp in the head, a foul that left the midfielder in stitches. The Portuguese forward admits he made a mistake. But believes the yellow card he received was the right decision. And now his manager has gone even further by saying that Mason is a hypocrite. Because Skipp should have received a red card for a foul on Luis Diaz.

         “I understand Ryan has to worry about other things,” Klopp told BBC MOTD when asked if Jota should have been sacked. “Tottenham they are a good football team. They need to play better football. *They can’t just fight back. They have to play better football with that UFABET team ′′ Diogo Jota holds his feet high but he doesn’t focus on the head. I know that Oliver Skipp is likely to get a red card. Did he mention that too?” “I want Diogo Jota to get sacked. Let’s worry about something else.”

   However, experts who analyze the game completely disagree with Klopp. by many people believe Jota should have been shown a red card and Skipp’s fouls weren’t serious enough to be sent off. Mason believes Jota was fortunate to remain on the pitch after kicking Skipp in the head, which left the midfielder in need of stitches. But the Liverpool player only received a yellow card.

         “Probably one of the clearest red cards I’ve seen for Oliver Skipp. I have to pay attention to what I see. But at the end of the day, that’s impossible to miss,” Mason told Sky Sports . Bleeding from his studs while his head was 5 feet in the air baffled me. That kind of judgment is the difference between winning a game or not winning. “ For me it’s hard to understand and I need an explanation. I saw it in real time and you have a feeling of that moment, the VAR referee has a replay, I am most sorry for today because of the way the game went.

         He later told the BBC: “It is dangerous for the opponent. Skipp needs stitches. And Jota scores when he shouldn’t be on the pitch ′′ I need an explanation. I want to know why the referees on the field can’t see. But why can’t the experienced people in the VAR room see it as well ′′ How is it difficult to prove that it’s not a red card? It hits all the boxes for dangerous play. So it’s hard to understand why. Now there is no advantage because we lost. There was only anger and disappointment.”