Dragon Tiger vs Baccarat Different Similarities

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Dragon Tiger vs Baccarat Different Similarities for beginners online casino Some people are confused with many deck card games such as Dragon Tiger and Baccarat. Probably because of both advertising. Both the gameplay is similar. There are both bets on which side will win. Today I will take you to know the difference between these two cards. How they are different how to play let’s see.

Dragon Tiger a card game for lovers of speed.

Starting with the Dragon Tiger card. This card is similar to Baccarat in that it uses several decks of cards to play (about 5-7 decks). The play is divided into two sides. Tiger and Dragon side (Dragon) For gamblers like us, it is only responsible for placing bets on which side will win.

The first noticeable difference is the number of cards used to play. The dealer will deal only 1 card per side, which side with the most points wins. The counting of points starts from cards A = 1 point, numeric cards have the same number of points as their face, cards J = 11 points, cards Q = 12 points, and finally, card K will have the most points, which is 13 points.

And because it is a card game that uses a single card to determine the result of losing or winning. Therefore, the time for placing bets is only a few seconds, making the Dragon Tiger a gambling UFABET game in online casino that takes the least time to play